Advanced HSE Level 3
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Course Objective
Every year, thousands of employees die, severely injured or suffer illnesses directly or indirectly associated with their work. This indicates the importance of effective HSE training for all employees within any organization at their different levels. 

Advanced Health Safety and Environment (HSE) level 3 course has been designed to further equip personnel who has completed general HSE course to advanced his/her safety career up to supervisory level.

The benefits of this training is numerous including but not limited; showing concern to safety and health of employee, compliance with national and international legal requirements, improving staff morale, reducing or completely removing the financial implications of accidents and in turn increasing overall production and economic profits for the organization

Training and Learning Methods
Training will be delivered in our offices and training centers by our staff of highly trained and seasoned certified safety professionals with proven experience in training and consultancy practices.

This course is a mix of theory and practical demonstration.

Assessment Methods

Examination will be written under clocked supervised conditions. Daily continues assessment will be taken during the training

Course Duration
3 Days
Minimum Entry Requirement
  • OND, HND, Bsc. and other above educational qualifications.
  • General HSE certificate

Internationally recognized Advanced HSE level 3 certificate will be issued at the end of the training and examination

The course syllabus consists of 16 topics (sub-courses):

  1. Introduction
  2. Safety Legislation, Policies & Implementation
  3. Environmental Agencies, Legislation and Contemporary Issues
  4. First Aid & CPR
  5. HSE - MS
  6. Fire Safety
  7. Live Saving Rules, 8EP House Rules & HSE Golden Rules
  8. Contingency Management
  9. Transportation Safety (Logistics)
  10. ISO Regulation
  11. HSE Statistics/Data Management
  12. HEMP/MOC/Risk Assessment
  13. Essential Duties of a Safety Supervisor
  14. Security Challenges & Conflict Management/Conflict Resolution
  15. HSE Case
  16. Environmental Issues

All personnel working in any industry and sector of economy who must have completed General HSE level 1&2 course

Personnel who wish to carry out safety supervisory job for any organization

All personnel who want to advance in safety career

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