In Nigeria today, Ember months are known for high accident/incident rates. Well, for those who may not know what Ember months mean, these are the last months of the year comprising of September, October, November, and December. Ember months usually come with gradual subsiding of the rains and encroachment of the Harmattan haze. These Harmattan hazes fuel fire outbreak in marketplaces, offices, worship centers, farms, bushes, etc. As part of our commitment towards the safety of lives and property of Nigerians during these Ember months, Deslog Energy Services Limited has designed simple precautionary measures you need to take. Now, let’s examine these 5 safety measures to adopt during Ember months.

1. Road safety: Ember months come with high rates of car crashes. Therefore, Deslog Energy Services Limited encourages all Nigerians to observe these road safety measures:

  • Obey all road safety signs and traffic light.
  • Don’t be in a hurry to get to your destination. Speed kills!!
  • Endeavour to avoid night travels, but if you must travel at night, ensure you drive gently and in the company of other vehicles in case of eventuality.
  • If you are travelling on a commercial bus at night, stay close to the driver to always ascertain his level of alertness at every instant. Furthermore, board the bus of a known transport company.
  • Your life is precious to us, so, don’t drink and drive.
  • Make use of your seatbelt while driving.


2. Electrical safety: Ember months always record high rates of electrical fire outbreaks in public places like markets, church, malls, homes, etc. Electrical fires are often difficult to control. Therefore, you must adopt these electrical safety measures to avoid fire outbreak:

  • Always switch off your electrical appliances if not in use.
  • Make a checklist of all appliances in your workplace and ensure they are TURNED OFF before leaving your workplace daily.
  • If you have Lock out/Tag out (LOTO) policy in your workplace, endeavor to implement it.
  • Kids below 3 shouldn’t be allowed close to electrical appliances like extension, electric kettles, electric stove, electric iron, etc. to avoid shocks and electrocution.
  • Don’t manage faulty electrical appliances in your homes and workplaces. If your electrical appliance starts acting up, Isolate it until it is fixed. And if it cannot be fixed, replace it at once.
  • Danger exists in having exposed power cables in your home/office. So, trunk all power cables appropriately.


3. Safe use of fuels: Fuels are materials which could ignite fire outbreak if not properly handled. They exist in solid (as in papers), liquid (like kerosene) and gaseous (as in cooking gas) forms. Gases and liquids have high ignition temperatures than solids because their atoms are in constant motion – meaning they are more likely to expedite fire outbreak. So, we at Deslog Energy Services Limited strongly believe that safe use of fuels must be one of your 5 safety measures to adopt during Ember months. Therefore:


  • Don’t allow your kids close to cooking gas cylinders in your home. Turn off your cooking gas cylinder if not in use. Children below 4 shouldn’t be allowed to enter the kitchen in the absence of a caregiver.
  • Do not store petrol (Premium Motor Spirit) in jerry cans in your home. But if you must store it, have a designated generator house where it is kept safely.

4. Fire Safety: Fire is one of the major causes of accident during Ember months because the air becomes dryer, thus encouraging chain reaction of fire. Take these simple steps to prevent fire outbreak and/or control fire if there is a fire outbreak:

  • Train (and re-train) your staff in practical firefighting using fire extinguishers and other methods available to you
  • Have fire extinguishers mounted at strategic points around your home, store, shop, and office. Make no mistakes; DCP (Dry Chemical Powder) fire extinguishers must be recharged every six months so that the content doesn’t cake. Identify the class of fire your office, stall, and room are prone to and have the right fire extinguishers positioned there.
  • Have a functional fire alarm system and practice fire drills accordingly.
  • Ensure you have an emergency exit and free muster point in your facility/workshop, office, etc.
  • Have fire fighters’ (or fire service) emergency numbers of your state published at strategic points in your home and office. This way, you can call them if there is a fire outbreak.
  • As a trader, understand that your shop is prone to fire hazards and take the steps mentioned above.
  • Practice good housekeeping in your home, office, market, shop, etc. The risk of fire outbreak is hugely reduced in an environment where good housekeeping is practiced.
  • Avoid bush(and farms) burning during Ember months.

5. Reorient your mind: Some Nigerians, most especially commercial bus drivers, believe that Ember months are a reminder that it is time to double their hustle, if you will, and make more money in order to impress their loved ones. These people need attitude change in this regard. At Deslog Energy Services Limited, lives and property of Nigerians matter to us so those with this Ember month misconception towards making money must change it now. Ember months will always come and if you don’t make it this year, you can try next year IF you are alive and healthy. As a driver, in order to avoid exposing yourself to avoidable road mishaps occasioned by the quest to “make it” before Christmas, you need to change your attitude towards Ember months and making money.

As part of our corporate social responsibility at Deslog Energy Services Limited, we have mapped out these 5 safety measures to adopt during Ember months for all staff, partners, associates, clients and by extension all Nigerians. These safety tips are viable and reliable. Enlighten your colleagues and loved ones with these tips. Make safety a watchword these Ember months so that we will have a healthy nation. Furthermore, ensure you adopt these safety measures in your market, office, church, mosque, school, etc. This is because the desire to build the Nigeria of our collective dreams is only achievable if we have citizens with sound minds and health. Safety is everyone’s business and responsibility, and you must take it seriously today! Stay safe and enjoy these Ember months!


                                                                                                                                                  Written by: Ifeanyi Nwokorie

                                                                                                                                                  081 374 77086


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