Basic Rig Training (Roustabout/Rig Helper)
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Course Objective:

Roustabout is typically an entry-level position in the oil and gas rig which does not require a specialized certificate or profession. General duties include but not limited to: loading and offloading boats, assisting the crane operator in moving equipment around the rig and assisting all other crew members as needed. A large part of the Roustabout's work load consists of cleaning and general maintenance of the rig etc.

They frequently turn out to be long-term employees and take on more difficult and sometimes dangerous jobs as they gain experience.

 Basic Rig Training (Roustabout/Rig Helper) course has been designed to prepare students to undertake roustabout duties and job responsibility in the onshore and offshore oil & gas rig. You will be trained on the practical and the theoretical path and challenges and also how to immediately start to apply your technical knowledge to live projects in the industry.

During training, students are exposed to true knowledge of basic rig activities, the exact task required by a roustabout and their safety. This course is taught using state-of-the-art training materials, allowing for realistic training in a controlled environment.

Chances of employment after the training
Student who acquire this certificate has greater chances of securing rig job in any oil and gas drilling company here in Nigeria and abroad because Roustabouts otherwise known as Rig Helpers constitute the highest number of workers in any rig platform.

Our resent survey proved that 83% of those who study this course with us are already working with their certificates (30% secured their job from their personal contacts while 53% got their job through the help of our manpower outsourcing and supply services).

Companies that values this certificate

Nebors Drilling International, Transocian, Addax Petroleum, Backer Hugges, Petrolog, Lonestar, Hallmark Global Petroleum, Seadrill, Northern Oil Field among others.

Training and Learning Methods
Training will be delivered in our Lagos and Port Harcourt training facilities by a team of staff and consultants made up of highly trained and seasoned certified professionals with many years of field experience in oil and gas rig operation

This course comprises of theory and practical section.

Assessment Methods

Examination will be written under clocked supervised conditions. Daily continues assessment will be taken during the training

Course Duration
3 Days
Minimum Entry Requirement

SSCE and above, at least General HSE or equivalent certificate.

IADC recognized Roustabout/Rig Helper certificate will be issued by Deslog Energy Services Limited in collaboration with Greatwall Drilling Company, Abu Dhabi.

List of Topics


2.Manual handling

3.The Roustabout and the Crane

4.The principles of working in a confined space

5.The principles of working at a height

6.Onshore and offshore rigs

7.Rig Move procedures and Safety

8.House Keeping

9.Chemical Safety

10.Dropped Objects Prevention Scheme


All personnel who want to start a career in the oil and gas industry

Male Graduates who wants to secure rig job faster in any oil and gas drilling company

Personnel who want to work in oil and gas and intends to grow up a driller

NYSC member who want to start on time to acquire relevant certificates that will increase his chances of securing jobs immediately after service year

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