Safety Supervision and Leadership
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A supervisor is personnel who can take immediate, direct action to ensure that work area is safe and healthful for all employees.  In order words, supervisor is the only person who can control employees, machines, and working conditions in the workplace, they bears the greatest responsibility and accountability for implementing the safety and health program because they work most directly with the employee. It is important that the supervisor understands and applies successful management and leadership principles to safety and health to make sure employees enjoy an injury- and illness-free work environment.

The Safety Supervision and Leadership course introduces you to key elements that help the supervisor demonstrate "5-STARS" supervision and leadership within the safety and health function. The key 5-STARS of safety supervision and leadership include the following:

Supervision - overseeing work activities to make sure employees are safe.

Training - conducting safety education and training.

Accountability - insisting everyone complies with company safety policies and rules.

Resources - providing physical resources (tools, equipment, materials, etc.) so employees can work safely.

Support - creating a supportive and psycho-social work environment (schedules, workloads, recognition, etc.) so employee do not work under undue stress.

Supervisors can demonstrate leadership by directly providing employees the resources, motivation, priorities, and accountability for ensuring their safety and health. Enlightened supervisors understand the value in creating and fostering a strong safety culture within their department. Integrating safety and health concerns into the everyday supervision allows for a proactive approach to accident prevention and demonstrates the importance of working safely.

  1. Safety Responsibilities
  2. Identifying Hazards
  3. Correcting Hazards
  4. Providing Safety Training
  5. Providing Safety Supervision
  6. Ensuring Safety Accountability
  7. Creating a Culture of Consequences
  8. Safety Leadership
  9. Safety Culture

This course is suitable for;

Safety manager, supervisor, committee member, or someone who is entering into the occupational safety and health field, this course will help you understand your important responsibilities and applicable methods to achieve result.

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