Community Relations Policy


Deslog Energy Services is committed to the development and maintenance of good relationships with sour host communities in the regions in which we operate.  We acknowledge social responsibility to the extent that our projects should bring tangible benefits to surrounding communities. Accordingly, for the benefit of our communities, contractors, and shareholders, Deslog Energy Services will:

•Employing Community Liaison Officers (CLO) to act as a bridge between communities and the Company.

•Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards in the regions in which we operate;

•Develop a Community Relations Management System for each region in which we operate;

•Regularly consult with communities and their representatives to discuss issues and concerns and how these may be managed;

•Undertake cost-effective socio-economic initiatives that reflect the needs of communities;

•Recognize and respect the values of different cultures where we operate;

•Regularly audit a project’s Community Relations Plan and its implementation, operation, measurement and reporting requirements.